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SubjectRe: Updated Kernel Hacker's guide to git
Robert P. J. Day schrieb:
> On Sun, 23 Dec 2007, Jeff Garzik wrote:
>> Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>>> On Sun, 23 Dec 2007, Jeff Garzik wrote:
>>>> Another year, another update! :)
>>>> The kernel hacker's guide to git has received some updates:
>>>> This includes all the input sent to me in the past several months,
>>>> as well as a few new tips and tricks I use on a regular basis.
>>>> In general, this document is designed to be a quick-start cookbook,
>>>> and not a comprehensive introduction.
>>> there's one issue i have with this document, and that's that i wish it
>>> more carefully distinguished between regular git "user" tasks, and git
>>> "developer" tasks.
>>> i may be mistaken, but it would seem that a lot of folks are going to
>>> be what i call basic users, who only want to update their git tree,
>>> check the logs, check the status and so on. and if they start to get
>>> ambitious, they might make some changes to the tree, do a diff, and
>>> submit a patch. but in the beginning, they won't be making commits or
>>> switching branches, etc.
>>> in short, i can see the value of something like a "getting started
>>> with git as a basic user" tutorial. does such a thing exist?
>> hmmm. There's the tutorial linked at the bottom of the page, which
>> in turn links to
>> git is a developer's tool, so I sorta targetted that audience. I
>> definitely agree that is not only git audience...
> just to be clear, i'm not complaining about the quality of the
> document above, but when i got started with git, what i really wanted
> was a list of what i (as a simple, non-developer user) could do once i
> cloned a repository.
> to that end, i put together my own little reference list of git
> commands. for example, i collected ways to examine my repository --
> git commands like branch, tag, log/shortlog, what-changed, show, grep,
> blame, that sort of thing. exactly the kind of stuff a new user might
> want to know about, even without the ability to change anything.

Could you perhaps publish your reference list as kind of a christmas
gift to all basic users like me?


ps.: sorry for sending this twice, messed up recipients.
> just my $0.02.
> rday
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