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SubjectRe: Major regression on hackbench with SLUB (more numbers)

* David Miller <> wrote:

> From: Ingo Molnar <>
> Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 23:54:13 +0100
> > Really, if your behavior is representative of how our SLAB allocator
> > will be maintained in the future then i'm very, very worried :-(
> Actually, to the contrary, I actually think Christoph responds to
> every problem I've ever reported to him about his per-cpu counters
> work and SLUB much better than most people who call themselves
> "maintainers" around here.
> And I say that without any reservations.
> He doesn't deserve the ad-hominem attacks he is getting today, because
> he does resolve every problem reported to him.
> The guy wrote test cases, he analyzed every problem, he wrote test
> patches, and he doesn't stop doing any of that until the issue really
> is reported as resolved by the testers.
> I'll take Christoph as the implementor and maintainer of anything, any
> day of the week. He rocks.

well, maybe i got unlucky, this hackbench thing being the first time i'm
exposed to a major SLUB regression. The hackbench problem was dead easy
to reproduce, i (and others) offered immediate testing of whatever test
patches, it also matched the profiles of the TPC-C regression but still
i was only offered explanations about why this workload does not matter
and how others suck because they are unable to give immediate test
feedback from millions-of-dollars test equipment that is barely able to
run our devel kernels. The regression is fixed now and i'm a happy

Christoph, i'd like to apologize for all overly harsh words i said. (and
i said quite a few :-/ )


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