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SubjectProblems on booting
There seems to have two regressions between the kernels from yesterday and before-yesterday
On the kernel -git7 what didnt happened on -git6

1) My hard disk is /dev/hda, but when I have an usb key sticked in /dev/sba, and run lilo then, then it dont boot but give L99 99 99 99 ... error. When I remove the usb stick from /dev/sba , and run then #lilo , then the result boots. This problem was not present at the -git6 kernel

2) The boot stops / hangs on hardware detection of SCSI. I have an Initio INI-9X00U/UW. The last messages during boot are, that it's verifying i91u scsi2 , then the boot hangs. When I put the pci=off kernel option, then the boot process continues (but with this, by other reasons, my computer works only half, so that this is unpracticable). This problem also didnt happens with the -git6 kernel This problem happens only on one of my two computers, because the other has no SCSI card inside, that computer boots normally.
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