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    SubjectRe: [Fwd: Re: [PATCH 0/5]PCI: x86 MMCONFIG]
    > Robert Hancock wrote:
    > First off, I would like to see confirmation from the horses's mouths
    > here (namely AMD, ServerWorks/Broadcom, and whoever else) that there
    > is no other way to get around this problem than disabling MMCONFIG for
    > accesses behind those chips.

    And here are the excerpts from that page of the spec which are salient
    to the present discussion:


    The base configuration space of the AMD-8132 and PCI(-X) devices attached to it are accessible using only
    the mechanism defined in PCI 2.3. Registers of PCI-X Mode 2 devices attached to the AMD-8132 in the
    extended configuration space are not accessible. The AMD-8132 has no registers in the extended
    configuration space.

    Fix Planned

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