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    SubjectKernel bug: bluetooth meets TTY layer

    with the help of I've spotted a nice little interaction
    between the TTY layer and the bluetooth code, however the tty layer is
    not something I'm all too familiar with so I rather ask than brute-force
    fix the code incorrectly.

    The raw details are at:

    What happens is that, on closing the bluetooth tty,
    the tty layer goes into the release_dev() function,
    which first does a bunch of stuff, then sets the file->private_data to NULL,
    does some more stuff and then calls the ldisc close function. Which in this
    case, is hci_uart_tty_close().

    Now, hci_uart_tty_close() calls hci_uart_close() which clears some internal bit,
    and then calls hci_uart_flush()... which calls back to the tty layers' uart_flush_buffer() function.
    (in drivers/bluetooth/hci_tty.c around line 194)
    Which then WARN_ON()'s because that's not allowed/supposed to be called
    this late in the shutdown of the port....

    should the bluetooth driver even call this flush function at all??

    Arjan van de Ven

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