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SubjectRe: Since sysfs_mount is static and used only in sysfs_init function, it could be just an automatic variable.
On Sun, Dec 02, 2007 at 04:31:09AM +0800, rae l wrote:
> ---
> and I still have questions about this code:
> 1. Why here kern_mount is needed?
> Or the first time user space `mount -t sysfs` won't do that?
> 2. If root executes many mounts to mount sysfs on /sys and many other places,
> are there many instances of struct vfsmount those have only
> mnt_mountpoint different?
> For most common case, mount a virtual filesystem(proc, sysfs, ...) on
> multiple mounting point,
> how to handle it more efficiently?
> and where is a detailed explaination on kern_mount? could someone give
> some comments or documentation pointers on this?

See the patches that Eric Biederman just posted to lkml for why this
structure is a static pointer this way right now, it's in preparation
for future patches.

Hope this helps,

greg k-h

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