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SubjectRe: ARP Bug?
On 12/14/2007 08:11 PM, Gosney, JeremiX wrote:
> We've noticed the 2.6-based Linux systems in our test lab are
> experiencing some "ARP flux"-like symptoms.
> The systems reply with eth0's hardware address to all ARP requests,
> regardless of the IP being queried. Because of this, the system will
> only send and receive packets on eth0; if eth0 is brought down, the
> system is unreachable even though it still has several active
> connections. With eth0 unplugged, none of the other interfaces are
> reachable (this is presumably a side-effect caused by the switch ARP
> cache.) Failover routes are defined in the routing table, but the system
> still will not send/receive packets out those interfaces.
> Can anything be done to correct this behaviour?

Offtopic here, but anyway look at

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