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SubjectRe: [PATCH 09/28] FS-Cache: Release page->private after failed readahead [try #2]
On Tuesday 18 December 2007 09:42, David Howells wrote:
> Nick Piggin <> wrote:
> > This is pretty nasty.
> Why? If the fs doesn't set PG_private or PG_fscache on any pages before
> calling read_cache_pages(), there's no difference.

It is conceptually wrong.

> Furthermore, the differences only crop up in the error handling paths.

That doesn't make it any better.

> > I would suggest either to have the function return the number of pages
> > that were added to pagecache,
> Which helps how?

So the caller can do their own error handling / cleanup.

> > or just open code it.
> Well, I could give an alternative read_cache_pages(), I suppose, for just
> this situation, but that means there are two parallel functions which then
> both need to be maintained.

I would be OK with that.

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