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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] [RFC] be more verbose when probing EDD
    Jan Engelhardt wrote:
    > On Dec 16 2007 20:18, Alan Cox wrote:
    >>> Why tax other people with a warning/hang etc. in printk when the
    >>> problem is very unlikely on their systems?
    >> I think there is sense in it if you do it subtly differently.
    >> printk(".. if this hangs do ... \r");
    >> edd_stuff();
    >> printk(" \r");
    >> So that we display it, do the EDD call, then write over it with whatever
    >> is next that matters.
    > Does printk support escape sequences? The last time I tried
    > printk("\e[1;35m omg ponies \e[0m"); that did not went too successful.

    Uh, no. Do that and anyone trying to interpret logs will beat you to
    death with a pickled herring.


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