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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: fix ref-counting bug in change_page_attr()
>>> Ingo Molnar <> 17.12.07 14:28 >>>
>* Jan Beulich <> wrote:
>> When either calling change_page_attr() with the default attributes
>> pages in the direct mapping have and a page's attributes already were
>> set to the default or when changing the attributes from one
>> non-default value to another, the reference counting broke, leading to
>> either premature restoration of a large page or missing the
>> opportunity to do so.
>> At the same time, make __PHYSICAL_MASK_SHIFT on 64-bits the value it
>> architecturally ought to have.
>hm, does this patch fix any real bug seen live? (if yes then do you have
>links to it, etc?) It would be a v2.6.24 fix in theory but it looks too
>dangerous for that. So i've queued it up for v2.6.25, for the time

I had run into the issue with experimental code of mine quite a while back
(i.e. I don't even recall what exactly I was doing back then). After that I
just continued to keep the fix (which I had submitted before, but which
collided with something in Andi's tree back then iirc).


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