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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: provide a DMI based port 0x80 I/O delay override.
On 16-12-07 22:42, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> It probably comes down to which version is bigger (you probably also
> want to try uninlining.)

slow_down_io() sort of needs to stay inline due to the REALLY_SLOW_IO thing.
That stuff could use a cleanup, but that would be a diferent patch.

>> Thanks for the heads up (also saw the SMBIOS update to this) but those
>> don't seem to be a problem in fact. David Reed has been running with
>> the simple udelay(2) version of this and reported no more hangs. He
>> moreover reported no trouble after booting with "acpi=off" meaning
>> that things seem to be fine pre-acpi which the boot code (and this
>> io_delay_init) is. So I believe we get to ignore those.
> Okay, so there is something inside ACPI which tickles this. Which
> brings further credibility that it's activating a debugging hack,
> probably inside the SuperIO/system controller chip.
> It would be interesting to know exactly which part of ACPI triggers
> this. I bet it is a reference to system controller namespace.

Do you expect a BIOS update to be able to fix it? If so, I guess any DMI
hack should take BIOS version into account.


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