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    SubjectRe: How to Switch DMA off for only one Harddisk at Kernelboot

    Gabriel C wrote:
    > Oliver Joa wrote:
    >> Hi,
    > Hi Oliver ,
    >> how can I tell the kernel not to probe DMA for a specific harddisk (e.g.
    >> hda). My first Drive (hda) is a Compact-Flash Card which can not do DMA.
    >> The kernel tries at boot to switch to DMA but fails. If I use ide=nodma,
    >> the kernel boots about 2 minutes faster, but then I can not switch on
    >> DMA for the second Drive (hdc) which is a normal Harddisk. Do I have to
    >> live with this 2 minutes waiting time or is there another solution? I
    >> did not find any kernel-parameter for this purpose.
    >> Sorry if I ask here, but I can not find any solution, and I asked
    >> already in other groups.
    >> Thank you very much
    > Should work with hda=nodma or ideX=nodma ( where X is your HDD nr , in your case is 0 )

    I tried this already, it does not work.

    > Also have a look at Documentation/ide.txt.

    I read this already. Searching for "nodma" in this document gives only
    one line:

    "ide=nodma" : disable DMA globally for the IDE subsystem.

    If the documentation is correct hda=nodma and ideX=nodma should not
    work. I use kernel at the moment.



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