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SubjectRe: [RANDOM] Move two variables to read_mostly section to save memory
Adrian Bunk a écrit :
> On Sun, Dec 16, 2007 at 06:42:57PM +0100, Eric Dumazet wrote:
>> Adrian Bunk a écrit :
>> ...
>>> And even more funny, with gcc 4.2 and CONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE=y your
>>> patch doesn't seem to make any space difference - are you using an older
>>> compiler or even worse CONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE=n for being able to see
>>> any space difference?
>>> In both cases your code uglification would be even more pointless...
>> I believe that CONFIG_SMP is uglification for you Adrian, but still I am
>> glad linux have it.
>> If your CONFIG_SYSCTL=n is really that important for you, why dont you
>> define a new qualifier that can indeed mark some variables as :
>> const if CONFIG_SYSCTL=n
>> read_mostly if CONFIG_SYCTL=y
>> This way you can keep compiler optimizations for your CONFIG_SYCTL=n, while
>> many people like me can still continue to optimize their kernel.
>> Seeing so many sysctl already read_mostly in kernel, I wonder why you NACK
>> my patch, while it's easy to share your concerns with other people and find
>> a solution.
> You omitted an answer to my main important point...
> Let me ask it in a more simple way:
> Do you see any space difference at all with gcc 4.2 and

I am using gcc-4.2.1

CONFIG_CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE=y makes no difference for me.

$ make defconfig
$ make vmlinux
$ nm -v vmlinux|grep -4 random_read_wakeup_thresh
c057a02c d excluded_id_list
c057a100 d zero_bdi
c057a180 D random_table
c057a300 d input_pool
c057a400 d random_read_wakeup_thresh
c057a404 d random_write_wakeup_thresh
c057a480 d blocking_pool
c057a580 d nonblocking_pool
c057a680 d rekey_work

After my patch, I still gain 120 bytes.

Please realize that most people now build their kernels with CONFIG_SMP=y, or
use a distro one (with CONFIG_SMP=y as well)

Your CONFIG_SYSCTL point is valid and should be addressed by a separate patch set.
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