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SubjectRe: More info on port 80 symptoms on MCP51 machine.
On 14-12-07 23:05, Chuck Ebbert wrote:

> On 12/12/2007 04:05 PM, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

>> Rene Herman wrote:

>>> By the way, _does_ anyone have a contact at nVidia who could clarify?
>>> Alan maybe? I'm quite curious what they did...
>>> Summary:
>>> Unless after booting with "acpi=off", outputs to port 0x80 (the legacy
>>> way to delay I/O) reliably, but not immediately, hang MCP51 machines.
>>> Outputs to port 0xed do not indicating it's a not a generic bus abort
>>> problem.
>> Sorry, the first sentence didn't parse unambiguously for me. Do you
>> mean "acpi=off" works, or that "acpi=off" allows *subsequent* boots to
>> work?
>> I have some people at nVidia I can probably ping.

Sorry, didn't see this again due to aforementioned horseshit ISP. "acpi=off"
works it seems. Report from David Reed here:

> Have them search on Google for:
> hp tx1000 noapic
> :)


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