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Subjectman-pages-2.73 is released

Some news:

* man-pages now has an (irregularly updated) blog:

Repeating some old news:

* man-pages now has a website:

The site includes HTML versions of the current set of man-pages.

* The list has been created for
the purpose of discussing Linux man page bugs, patches,
and maintenance. To subscribe, send a message to, with the body:

subscribe linux-man

Back to the news as usual...

I've released man-pages-2.73.

This release is now available for download at:

Changes in this release can be seen at

The changes in this release are mainly formatting fixes. Aside from that,
some work has been done to improve the HTML used for the online pages
( ).


(man-pages maintenance is supported by Google, as a Google engineer 20%

Michael Kerrisk
Maintainer of the Linux man-pages project
Want to report a man-pages bug? Look here:

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