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    SubjectRe: RFC: outb 0x80 in inb_p, outb_p harmful on some modern AMD64 with MCP51 laptops
    On 11-12-07 14:32, Paul Rolland wrote:

    >> On 11-12-07 13:08, David Newall wrote:
    >>> Rene Herman wrote:
    >> (*) some local testing shows it to be almost exactly that for both out and
    >> in on my own PC -- a little over. If anyone cares, see attached little test
    >> program. The "little over" I don't worry about. 0 us delay is also fine for
    >> me and if any code was _that_ fragile it would have broken long ago.
    > Some results :

    Okay, these vary to wildly for you and might I suppose be a serialising
    artifact or some such. Give me a bit and I'll try to improve it...


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