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    SubjectRe: [patch 0/2] x86, ptrace: support for branch trace store(BTS)

    * Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

    > > Our debugger team has a prototype implementation for their debugger.
    > > But that will not be available for some time.
    > >
    > > I hope that we get gdb support, soon, but that would take a while if
    > > I had to do it.
    > i'm wondering what the main use-case would be then, and what the gdb
    > folks think about the current API. (Roland?)

    here's a forwarded mail from Roland about the patch and APIs. (and i
    hope that now i can stop playing the middleman, with everyone Cc:-ed :)

    From: Roland McGrath <>
    Subject: Re: [patch][v2] x86, ptrace: support for branch trace store(BTS)]

    Cool. It's been on my list to look into exposing those features
    somehow. I hadn't planned on doing it until after the utrace stuff
    settles and there is a more coherent interface context in which to do

    If they are tackling the MSR hacking and context switch and so forth,
    I'd like to see them start out by just adding block-step
    (debugctlmsr.btf) with the PTRACE_SINGLEBLOCK interface as ia64 has.
    That should lay some of the same groundwork needed here, but is much

    I am not really in favor of this new ptrace interface. I think they
    should look around across arch's and think about sane general-purpose
    interfaces for features of this kind that might be built with some
    commonality across machines. Also do it in a layered way from
    low-level, with something usable for kernel-mode too. The discussion
    Alan Stern and I had on LKML that started as kwatch and became
    hw_breakpoint is an example of how I would go at this set of features

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