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SubjectRe: 20000+ wake-ups/second in 2.6.24. Bug?
On Sat, 01 Dec 2007 18:43:39 -0500
Mark Lord <> wrote:

> Dagnabbit.. it's done it again.. went from 100-200 wakeups/sec
> back up to 20000+ wakeups/sec. This time *with* the powertop patches
> in place.
> Somethings broken in there, but I don't know what.
> Or how to make it happen on demand.. it's fine after rebooting again.
> ???
> At least now I know to look when I hear the fan turning on
> when the system is otherwise supposed to be idle..
> 2.6.23 did not have this problem.

actually we have reports of 2.6.23 having the exact same problem.
The thing is, "something" is causing the system to go into a state
where the cpu throws us right out of the C-state the kernel asks for.

Some people have seen that not loading yenta at all will just make this
not happen at all...

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