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SubjectRe: USB device DMA support on OMAP2
> The current omap udc dosen't support the DMA mode

It most certainly does!! I think you it has DMA issues on OMAP2.

> and it has some problem at setup time on OMAP2 with previous patch file.
> I found that the code assumes bulk out required the big data transfer.
> But MODE SELECT(6) sent the only 24 bytes. it makes a problem.
> So I implement the small packets handling for it.
> It is tested with both linux and windows.
> Signed-off-by: Kyungmin Park <>

I'll have a look at it, thanks.

Is this aginst the linux-omap tree, or current code?
(There _shouldn't_ be any differences, but I've not checked in
some time now and such issues do creep in from time to time.)

- Dave

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