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    SubjectRe: VIA VT6307 OHCI version?

    On Mon, Nov 05, 2007 at 12:00:16AM +0100, Krzysztof Halasa wrote:
    > Andreas Mohr <> writes:
    > > And viewing from a quite problematic angle (card is in running PC,
    > > difficult to view) strongly seems to indicate a VT630_6_ (the "6" is
    > > quite clearly visible).
    > > This means that I currently cannot offer any mfct. date data however,
    > > unfortunately.
    > Yeah. I think (feel or something) VIA does the usual thing with
    > revision numbers so rev 0x46 means always the same silicon (VT6306)
    > and rev 0x80 is always the same VT6307. There might be other
    > revisions but I think we won't find non-VT6306 rev 0x46 or
    > non-VT6307 rev 0x80.

    OK, PC was off now (good to be using S2D instead of S2R ;),
    the card data is:

    "SN1394", "STARNET V1.0"
    mfct.: 0450

    VIA VT6306
    0449CD TAIWAN

    (IOW, a moderately new VT6306 card)


    ATMEL 418
    PI27 A

    I'm only an occasional Firewire user (external backup HDD, miniDV
    grabbing), but I'm very thankful for your nice investigations!

    Andreas Mohr
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