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    SubjectRe: + restore-missing-sysfs-max_cstate-attr.patch added to -mm tree
    Mark Lord wrote:
    > Arjan van de Ven wrote:
    >> On Fri, 30 Nov 2007 22:44:25 -0500
    >> Mark Lord <> wrote:
    >>>> all you need to do in your kernel module is call
    >> set_acceptable_latency("mark", 5);
    >> and to remove the constraint again you just do
    >> remove_acceptable_latency("mark");
    >>> Then why not have a sysfs entry for scripts to write tsoro
    >>> to trigger the exact same end result? :)
    >> that's what is in current -mm pretty much
    >> well not sysfs, but it goes via a file descriptor
    >> (so that if the process that sets the contraint dies, the latency
    >> requirement can be given up automatically)
    > ...
    > But doesn't that approach also make it nearly impossible to script ????

    Okay, I have a working trivial kernel module that I can load/unload
    to tweak this. But a simple sysfs attribute would be *so much* better
    as a permanent kernel feature.

    Binary interfaces (fd) are fine for some uses, but not nice for scripts.

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