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SubjectRe: [patch 1/3] bdi patches
> > Provide a place in sysfs for the backing_dev_info object.
> > This allows us to see and set the various BDI specific variables.
> You don't say what the place is, and I'm not quite familiar enough
> with sysfs internals to figure it out my self. Help?

/sys/class/bdi (which sometimes links into /sys/devices/virtual/bdi)

> And while I was looking I noticed that bdi_register (and bdi_init_fmt)
> takes a second argument 'parent', which is always NULL, and which is
> undocumented as to purpose.
> If no-one would ever add another call to bdi_register, why have the
> second arg, and if they might, how would they know what to put there?
> Finally, the omission of NFS bothers me - and makes me wonder if the
> choice of name in sysfs is appropriate.
> Would a program ever want to generate the name (in sysfs) for a
> particular bdi? If so, how would it do it.

I'll let Peter answer these, when he gets back.

> It seems to me after a fairly quick look that a bdi is always
> associated with a device number. For block devices the device number
> is obvious. For NFS and FUSE, the device number is an anon device
> number allocated at mount time.
> Maybe the name of the bdi should be based on that number. Then it
> would be possible to map directly from e.g. a file to the bdi that the
> file would be written to.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

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