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Subject[PATCH] replace "make ARCH=i386/x86_64 with make ARCH=x86"
This patchset unify the i386 and x86_64 Kconfig
files for x86.
In addition it replaces the use of ARCH=i386 and
ARCH=x86_64 with the more intuitive ARCH=x86.

The primary purpose of this patch serie is to
enable make ARCH=x86 and let the config decide
if we are building for 32 or 64 bit.

But we will break quite a high number of
scripts with this change.
What is the desired behaviour when specifying:
make ARCH=i386
make ARCH=x86_64

For now it just error out like this:
$ make ARCH=i386
Makefile:503: /home/sam/kernel/x86.git/arch/i386/Makefile: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `/home/sam/kernel/x86.git/arch/i386/Makefile'. Stop.

What is the required functionality here?
Note - only patch 9 and 10 are changing any behaviour.
So if we decide to keep current functionality then
the first 8 patches still makes a lot of sense.

The patch serie contains:
Sam Ravnborg (10):
x86: unification of cfufreq/Kconfig
x86: start unification of arch/x86/Kconfig.*
x86: arch/x86/Kconfig.cpu unification
x86: add X86_32 dependency to i386 specific symbols in Kconfig.i386
x86: add X86_64 dependency to x86_64 specific symbols in Kconig.x86_64
x86: copy x86_64 specific Kconfig symbols to Kconifg.i386
x86: add remaning bits from x86_64 to Kconfig.i386
x86: combine all config options with prompts in Kconfig
x86: select i386 or x86_64 at config time
x86: enable make ARCH=x86

The diffstat looks promising:
9 files changed, 975 insertions(+), 2639 deletions(-)

A patch that makes the kernel more than 1500 line smaller
is a good patch!

Full diffstat (as git can show it):

$ git diff --stat -C -M -B HEAD~10..HEAD
Makefile | 5 +-
arch/x86/{Kconfig.i386 => Kconfig} | 600 ++++----
arch/x86/Kconfig.cpu | 83 +-
arch/x86/Kconfig.i386 | 1609 ++++----------------
arch/x86/Kconfig.x86_64 | 1132 ++++----------
arch/x86/Makefile | 2 +-
.../x86/kernel/cpu/cpufreq/{Kconfig_32 => Kconfig} | 68 +-
arch/x86/kernel/cpu/cpufreq/Kconfig_64 | 108 --
scripts/kconfig/Makefile | 7 +-
9 files changed, 975 insertions(+), 2639 deletions(-)

The serie can be pulled from:


Patches will follow in seperate thread.
This serie replaces the single patch I posted the other day.
This serie are made to ease review and to do so a few of the patches
does not change functionality but are just preparing for later steps.


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