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SubjectRe: + proc-fix-the-threaded-proc-self.patch added to -mm tree
Date (Eric W. Biederman) writes:

> I am not certain the two components make sense as we have a possible
> permission problem where it is remotely possible that a task will
> have permission to access /proc/<tid> but not /proc/<tgid>.

Got it. I can totally avoid in permission issues by having a
follow_link method that just goes to the target directory without
checking permissions as we go.

So in the worst case with weird selinux permission rules you
might be able to access /proc/task but not /proc/self or

At least for what I care about, weird cases with unshare where the
mounts and the other namespaces may be different between threads in
someones home rolled thread package that uses CLONE_THREAD
we should be ok.


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