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SubjectRe: [PATCH 01/27] ptrace: arch_has_single_step
> I think I'll duck this lot for now in view of the (relatively small) amount
> of followup.

The debugctlmsr bits (last few patches) are meant to be taken with a grain
of salt. Everything else in this set is pretty well ready for prime time.

> I did do an experimental will-it-apply and got a tremendous number of
> rejects against the x86 git tree, almost all of which went away when `patch
> -l' was used. Seems that someone has gone on a whitespace rampage through
> arch/x86/ia32/ptrace32.c and arch/x86/ia32/ptrace64.c.

Damn, sorry about that. I could have sworn I cranked everything through
the whitespace inoculation machine, but I guess I missed some.

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