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    SubjectRe: [patch/rfc 1/4] GPIO implementation framework
    On Tuesday 13 November 2007, David Brownell wrote:
    > So the point of these is to make it easier for platforms
    > (or even just boards) to make sure the GPIO number space
    > is densely packed, rather than loosely so?  Paying about
    > 2KBytes for that privilege.  (Assuming a 32 bit system
    > with 256 GPIOs.)
    > I could see that being a reasonable tradeoff.  I wouldn't
    > have started there myself, but you know how that goes!
    > Does anyone else have any comments on that issue?

    Nobody else seems to have any comments on Eric's series
    of patches to add a gpio_desc layer ... whereas, I was
    looking at updating one platform, and got annoyed at some
    stuff that would have been non-issues with them in place!

    Eric, would you feel like rolling an all-in-one patch against
    the gpiolib support from 2.6.24-rc3-mm? Including updated
    versions of your patches:

    - [PATCH 2/5] define gpio_chip.requested_str
    (renaming it as "label" to match its usage)
    - [PATCH 3/5] use a per GPIO "struct gpio_desc"
    (but without that needless list; for debug,
    just scan the gpio_desc list for the next
    non-null chip)
    - [PATCH] move per GPIO "is_out" to "struct gpio_desc"
    (i.e. patch 4/5)
    - [PATCH 5/5] move per GPIO "requested" to "struct gpio_desc"
    (and "label" too)

    along with removing the ARCH_GPIOS_PER_CHIP symbol, and
    reducing ARCH_NR_GPIOS to a value which will waste less
    space by default? (Like maybe 256.)

    I think an all-in-one patch will be easier to review
    and agree on including (or not).

    - Dave
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