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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC] [1/9] Core module symbol namespaces code and intro.
On Monday 26 November 2007 07:27:03 Roland Dreier wrote:
> > This patch allows to export symbols only for specific modules by
> > introducing symbol name spaces. A module name space has a white
> > list of modules that are allowed to import symbols for it; all others
> > can't use the symbols.
> >
> > It adds two new macros:
> >
> > MODULE_NAMESPACE_ALLOW(namespace, module);
> I definitely like the idea of organizing exported symbols into
> namespaces. However, I feel like it would make more sense to have
> something like

Except C doesn't have namespaces and this mechanism doesn't create them. So
this is just complete and utter makework; as I said before, noone's going to
confuse all those udp_* functions if they're not in the udp namespace.

For better or worse, this is not C++.

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