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    SubjectRe: [RFC] Documentation about unaligned memory access
    On Fri, 23 Nov 2007, Alan Cox wrote:

    > Its usually faster if you don't misalign on x86 as well.

    i'm not sure if i agree with "usually"... but i know you (alan) are
    probably aware of the exact requirements of the hw.

    for everyone else:

    on intel x86 processors an access is unaligned only if it crosses a
    cacheline boundary (64 bytes). otherwise it's aligned. the penalty for
    crossing a cacheline boundary varies from ~12 cycles (core2) to many
    dozens of cycles (p4).

    on AMD x86 pre-family 10h the boundary is 8 bytes, and on fam 10h it's 16
    bytes. the penalty is a mere 3 cycles if an access crosses the specified

    if you're making <= 4 byte accesses i recommend not worrying about
    alignment on x86. it's pretty hard to beat the hardware support.

    i curse all the RISC and embedded processor designers who pretend
    unaligned accesses are something evil and to be avoided. in case you're
    worried, MIPS patent 4,814,976 expired in december 2006 :)

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