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SubjectRe: Where is the interrupt going?
On Wed, Nov 21, 2007 at 05:08:30PM -0800, Al Niessner wrote:
> On with the detailed technical information. I developed a kernel module
> for an PCI card back in 2.4, moved it to 2.6.3, then 2.6.11 or so and
> now I am trying to move it to 2.6.22. When I began the to move to
> 2.6.22, I changed all of the deprecated calls for finding the card on
> the PCI bus, modified the interrupt handler prototype, and changed my
> readvv/writev to aio_read/aio_write following
> So initialization looks like this:

Hi Al,

From the sounds of it, you might have an interrupt routing problem. Can
you describe the machine you have this plugged into? Possibly attaching
a copy of "dmesg" and "/proc/interrupts"?

Feel free to attach the driver source to your email if the size is
reasonable (which it sounds like it is.)

As a "big hammer" in case it is an APIC problem, please try booting the
kernel with the "noapic" parameter.

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