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SubjectRe: Is there any word about this bug in gcc ?
I wrote:
> Nix wrote:
>> Possible hits (I'm not sure what the folder would do with this: the
>> extra level of brackets in the way might affect things but I don't think
>> so):
>> ./libtheora/libtheora/lib/enc/pp.c: TmpMod = 32 + QValue -
>> 2*(abs(Src[j+Pitch]-Src[j]));
>> ./libtheora/libtheora/lib/enc/pp.c: TmpMod = 32 + QValue -
>> 2*(abs(Src[j+1]-Src[j]));
> This did emit a warning, I have already reported it:

And on IRC, they explained that it is a piece of code that never gets called. So
not a hit.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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