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SubjectRe: is the inode an orphan?

Jan Kara wrote:
>> In our FS when we're in ->unlink() and i_nlink becomes 0, we have to record
>> this inode in the table of orphans, and remove it from there in
>> ->delete_inode(). This is needed to be able to dispose of orphans in case
>> of an unclean reboot on the next mount. AFAIK, ext3 has something similar.
>> I just figured that this could be optimized - in most cases
>> ->delete_inode() is called right after ->unlink(), and I wanted to avoid
>> putting the inode to the orphan table in those cases.
> Yes, ext3 has something similar. But actually ext3 would have to insert
> inode in the orphan list anyway - in delete_inode we do truncate and
> for it we also insert the inode into the orphan list because truncate
> can be too large to fit into a single transaction.

Ok, thanks for this point.

> Hmm, I'm just not sure whether unlink cannot somehow race with open
> (at least I don't see any lock that would prevent open while unlink is
> in progress)...

And this.

Best Regards,
Artem Bityutskiy (Артём Битюцкий)
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