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SubjectRe: Is it possible to give the user the option to cancel forkbombs?
> > I would like to see something done about this, with Ubuntu as popular as
> > it is, even as a server in some cases. Is there a way that in the
> > future, one could simply download a package or click a box or something
> > and have a limit set, like the links suggest? That would make things
> > just "that much" more convenient for system administrators (and might
> > help them/us to remember to set these limits, too...).
> If you don't know which limits to set and need a package for them, your
> job title should not be system administrator.

Thats a very arrogant viewpoint. I don't have to be a TV engineer to use
my television.

Distributions should be providing sensible defaults out of the box. The
kernel already provides them the mechanisms.

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