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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kconfig: use $K64BIT to set 64BIT with all*config targets

On Fri, 16 Nov 2007, Sam Ravnborg wrote:

> 1) make all*config, randconfig, defconfig is broken on 64-bit boxes

With your approach you made it impossible to set 64BIT from all*.config,
which is the proper way to set the defaults.

> 2) A pure code refactoring patch is reverted for no obvious reason

It was done for the wrong reasons, otherwise the warning before it should
have been included as well and then the function could have been reused
for the "# ... is not set" case as well.

> 3) Behavioral changes are not documented:
> - 32-bit/64-bit can only be selected in config is you specify ARCH=x86

Which is now the default and thus it behaves more like other archs.

> - ARCH= takes precedence over kernel config for a configured kernel

What point is there in being able to specify ARCH=x86_64 and then still
produce a 32bit kernel?

> 4) The changelogs miss title on reverted patches


bye, Roman
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