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    SubjectRe: [patch 2/4] Add HAVE_OPROFILE
    On Thu, 15 Nov 2007 22:30:59 -0500
    Mathieu Desnoyers <> wrote:

    > Linus:
    > On the per-architecture side, I do think it would be better to *not* have
    > internal architecture knowledge in a generic file, and as such a line like
    > depends on X86_32 || IA64 || PPC || S390 || SPARC64 || X86_64 || AVR32
    > really shouldn't exist in a file like kernel/Kconfig.instrumentation.
    > It would be much better to do
    > depends on ARCH_SUPPORTS_KPROBES
    > in that generic file, and then architectures that do support it would just
    > have a
    > default y
    > in *their* architecture files. That would seem to be much more logical,
    > and is readable both for arch maintainers *and* for people who have no
    > clue - and don't care - about which architecture is supposed to support
    > which interface...

    argh, I merged the previous version. Dropped it again.

    > Changelog:
    > Actually, I know I gave this as the magic incantation, but now that I see
    > it, I realize that I should have told you to just use
    > def_bool y
    > instead, which is a bit denser.
    > We seem to use both kinds of syntax for these things, but this is really
    > what "def_bool" is there for...
    > - Use ARCH_HAS_* instead of ARCH_SUPPORTS).
    > - Use a select ARCH_HAS_*
    > - Yet another update :
    > Moving to HAVE_* now.

    Please don't do changelogs this way (ie: provide a wrong changelog plus

    Just update the changelog so that it is in its final form, thanks.

    It's fine to add a note at the bottm describing what changed since the
    previous patchset - I'll just trim that away for the final git commit.

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