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    SubjectRe: Kconfig: ARCH=x86 causes wrong utsname.machine
    Andreas Herrmann wrote:
    > The new ARCH=x86 kernel build causes weired machine strings on 32-bit.
    > For a cross-compiled kernel I have
    > $ uname -m
    > x66_64
    > For a kernel natively built on a 32 bit machine I have
    > $ uname -m
    > x66
    > Looking at the sources, I think that utsname->machine was initially
    > set as "x86_64" and "x86", respectively.
    > But in arch/x86/kernel/cpu/bugs.c in check_bugs() the second character
    > is set to '6' on my K7.
    > I think the right solution for that problem is to use "x86_64" as the
    > machine name for 64-bit and to keep the old "i[3456]86" strings for
    > 32-bit kernels.

    Absolutely. This would be userspace-visible ABI breakage.

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