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SubjectRe: [PATCH][RFC] kprobes: Add user entry-handler in kretprobes
Abhishek Sagar wrote:

> the entry handler is called with the appropriate return instance. I
> haven't put any explicit "match" test here for ri. The reason is that
> the correct ri would be passed to both the entry and return handlers
> as trampoline_handler() explicitly matches them to the correct task.
> Note that all pending return instances of a function are chained in
> LIFO order. S the entry-handler which gets called last, should have
> its return handler called first (in case of multiple pending return
> instances).

No, eventhough return instances are chained in an order, order of execution of
return handler entirely depends on which process returns first(some process may
return from 2 line of the function and some process may return from last line
of the function). So entry_handler() which gets executed last doesn't guarantee
that its return handler will be executed first(because it took a lot time
to return).

So only thing to match the entry_handler() with its return_handler() is
return probe instance(ri)'s address, which user has to take care explicitly
(Hence I feel sol a) would be nice).

Srinivasa DS

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