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    SubjectRe: [patch 01/28] cpu alloc: The allocator
    Hmmm.. I have v2 in preparation here that puts the pda and the per cpu 
    data into the cpu_alloc area. Thus gs: can be used to access all per cpu

    Any ideas how to abstract out the pda operations? Wasnt local_t supposed
    to be able to do atomic ops on cpu data? Is there an segment register
    version of local_t? I want also to have cmpxchg xchg etc that are all
    atomic without requiring any interrupt disable or preempt disable.

    cpu_alloc allows pointer arithmetic on cpu area pointers. The segment
    prefix can then be used to select the appropriate area.

    Guess I need also to add an arch configuration guide to V2 as well so that
    the other arches can do similar tricks and emphasize that the static
    default that requires bss is only suitable for small systems.
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