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SubjectCould you please merge the x86_64 EFI boot support patchset?
Hi, Linus,

Could you please merge the following patchset:

[PATCH 0/2 -v3] x86_64 EFI boot support
[PATCH 1/2 -v3] x86_64 EFI boot support: EFI frame buffer driver
[PATCH 2/2 -v3] x86_64 EFI boot support: EFI boot document

The patchset has been in -mm tree from 2.6.23-rc2-mm2 on. Andrew Moton
had suggested it to be merged into 2.6.24 during early merge window of
2.6.24. It was not merged because the 32-bit boot protocol had not been
done at that time.

Now, the 32-bit boot protocol has been merged into 2.6.24. And this
patch has been in x86 patch queue.

I know that it is a little late for this patchset to be merged into
2.6.24. But this patchset is very simple, just adds a framebuffer
driver, so it is impossible for this patchset to break anything. And
this patchset will be helpful for people have machine with UEFI 64
firmware instead of legacy BIOS.

Best Regards,
Huang Ying
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