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SubjectRe: Fw: Buffer overflow in CIFS VFS.
Steve French wrote:
> below. The obvious need is to create an SendReceive-NoResponse (or
> equivalent) which
> frees the SMB request buffer after send, and does not copy into an smb
> response buffer. The following functions need to be changed to use
How about modifying SendReceive to behave like that if NULL is passed as
output buffer ?

>> Obviously it is up to you, as a maintainer. I'd prefer adding a small
>> header to each buffer with the buffer size and perhaps a type, or even a
>> destructor function pointer. Simple macros could be used to obtain
>> buffer size, given the buffer body pointer, or to dispose the buffer.
>> That would save from checking the buffer type all over the code
>> explicitly, or even worse, make strange assumptions about the type of
>> buffer being passed - as we can see this is error-prone. That for a
>> little cost of a few additional bytes per buffer.
> That might be better, although without memory pools, this would perform
> much worse
Why ? I don't get your point here.


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