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    SubjectRe: [RFC/RFT] kbuild: save ARCH & CROSS_COMPILE
    On Tue, 9 Oct 2007 06:17:43 +0200 Sam Ravnborg wrote:

    > >
    > > What about, that this is the first ever prompt, that must be shown and
    > > written to the .config?
    > Two issues to fix before we can do this:
    > 1) chocie values cannot have more than one prompt
    > 2) We need to share much more Kconfig* between the individual architectures
    > First step is to let all arch's use drivers/Kconfig

    2) isn't terribly difficult, just takes some time and willingness
    of $arch maintainers to some changes, but please explain a bit more
    why it is needed...?

    > Let's get the two items above solved then we can revisit adding arch selection
    > to kconfig (where it belongs in the end).
    > And neither require a rewrite of kconfig...
    > > Also, i'd like to propose sequencing of config-enable-build-this-unit
    > > in config file(s), thus Makefile(s) (sometimes very small and stupid)
    > > will be not necessary. Additional link ordering can be supplied as
    > > meta-config information there. Shell scripting, very ugly in the view
    > > of make syntax, will be natural in config files. Extending build
    > > process to get hidden dependencies or right linking/other magic is
    > > part of particular configuration. Hm?
    > Discussed before but so far no patches has shown up.

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