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SubjectRe: Serial ATA does not find partitions (Hitachi HD, new? ATI controller) where old SATA works

> Hmmm... and the kernel freezes after this? libata driver isn't
> initialized yet. I don't think libata has anything to do with here.
as I told you, the ATA problem was with the 2.6.22 version of the kernel
and is not longer related to the freeze with kernel 2.6.23-rc8 I asked
whether you wanted to see the ATA problem in that kernel or the present

> Options: I can compile the 2.6.22 kernel to get the reported problem
> or try to debug the problem in or something else it
> fits the kernel-team.

was my offer.

As you did not answer that point (you answered other points) I thought
it was useless to debug a problem that is not longer there. I still
thing that way.
The booting is apparently allocating port services at the point of
freezing but not too close of the disk driver, that much I knew.


Hernán Gustavo Solari,,

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