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SubjectRe: NAK nettiquete (was Re: "Re: [PATCH 0/2] Colored kernel output (run2)"

On Oct 7 2007 16:12, Alan Cox wrote:
>- We run on a lot more than VGA PC consoles
>- We have serial consoles (which may or may not be VT132/ANSI compliant)

Yes, and the serial driver does not usually pass on vc->vc_color to the real
hardware. If it did, it would have to transform it back into an unportable
ANSI code and send that. So we don't do that.

>- The printk paths are run at IRQ time ASAP to get messages to console,
>that could mean we split existing colour escape code processing and the

Oleg already persuaded me to add options to toally configure it out,
so there is no impact for you.

>- People redirect the console feed other places via ioctl. Some of them
>parse "<%d>" as the start

Interestingly enough, the <n> part is not transferred over serial,
but that seems another story.

>- If you want to do "pretty" boot up you do it in X or frame buffer
>(which is going to get easier and easier with the X shift to kernel side
>video support)

fb is slow. Feels like a 9600bps serial line.

Let everyone have his own fun.
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