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SubjectRe: x86-64 sporadic hang in 2.6.23rc7 and 2.6.22
Andi Kleen wrote:
> Helge Hafting <> writes:
>> shrink_dcache_memory
> That usually means random memory corruption from somewhere -- dcache
> tends to use a lot of memory and when it is corrupted anywhere these
> functions tend to crash while walking the lists.
> Unfortunately memory corruption is hard to track down because
> the messenger is usually not the one to blame.
> Perhaps enable slab debugging and see if it turns
> something up. Could be also broken hardware. Does an older kernel
> run stable? If yes and if it can be reproduced bisecting would
> be good.
I attempted bisecting - and failed. The problem is that
2.6.23rc7 seems very unstable, but 2.6.22rc4 is much better
but not perfect. 2.6.22rc4 only crashed once - it can compile for
hours and swap lots and keep running. But it died at least once.

I'll try running recent kernels with more debugging instead.
I think I used SLUB instead of SLAB - either way I can switch
that over to see if it changes things.

Helge Hafting

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