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SubjectRe: [Linux-am33-list] [PATCH 0/2] MN10300: Add the MN10300 architecture to Linux kernel [try #2]
Suzuki Takashi <> wrote:

> But is there any utility that depends on that uname says mn10300?


> I know existing developers should learn the arch name change.
> But how many developers?

I don't know. MEI probably does.

> That's the point. They must always be told or consult the documentations.
> Don't you think an arch name should be natural?

Can you guarantee there won't be any non-AM33 variants of mn10300 that need
supporting? An AM34, perhaps?

So basically, the toolchain name should change from am33 to mn10300 by your

> People need not to be told on other, at least major, archs.

There are plenty of other complications for other archs, such as 32-bit vs
64-bit, LE vs BE and other more subtle variants, so your argument isn't that

> - growing new developers will have difficulties in understanding arch
> name difference,

You tell them, they then know. It doesn't take long. Standard practice, I
suspect, will involve giving them the toolchains and basic root filesystems.

The discrepancy has been around for years, and I suspect it's not going to
change now. If MEI ask, I will change it.

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