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SubjectRe: File corruption when using kernels 2.6.18+
Hi Neil,

On 10/3/07, Neil Romig <> wrote:
> > > Thanks for your help on this. I have narrowed it down to commit
> > > "c22ce143d15eb288543fe9873e1c5ac1c01b69a1 x86: cache pollution aware
> > > __copy_from_user_ll()". This fits with the errors I'm getting, so now I need
> > > to find out if I can safely ignore this patch, or does it have to be modified?
> > > This is my first Linux bug in many years of simply using it, so I'm a little
> > > nervous!

A some point in time, I wrote:
> > Just to make sure, if you disable CONFIG_X86_INTEL_USERCOPY, the
> > corruption goes away?

On 10/3/07, Neil Romig <> wrote:
> It took some fiddling to disable (edit arch/i386/Kconfig.cpu) but that has fixed it.
> Many thanks!
> Does this need to be reported as a bug? Or should the kernel config scripts be
> changed to enable this option to be easily turned off?

Looks like a bug to me. Can we have your /proc/cpuinfo too?

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