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    SubjectRE: [PATCH 5/5]: [PCI]: Remove 3 incorrect MSI quirks.

    > I would like those to be removed, but to be conservative we should
    > first get some testing feedback that confirms this just like those
    > provided to me from the AMD folks for the RS690, RX790 and RD580
    > cases.
    > Otherwise the risk to break people's systems is very real.

    In fact, our team only has boards with RS690+SB700 and RX790+SB700,
    I don't know why the RD580 MSI is disabled too by the patch;a=commi
    Maybe Tejun can give us more information on this case,
    I think the cause should be same as RS690 and RX790.

    If you need some small test on USB issue related with RS480 or
    something else, you may tell me, I can try to ask the help from our
    SW QA or test by myself, if we can find out such test platform.


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