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SubjectRe: Linux Security *Module* Framework (Was: LSM conversion to static interface

Simon Arlott wrote:
> I currently have an LSM that only handles permissions for socket_bind
> and socket_listen, I load it and then "capability" as secondary on
> boot - but now I can't because the LSM framework is now just the LS
> framework.

I think there are two other problems regarding LSM.

(1) There is only one "struct security_ops" structure in the system.

(2) There is only one "void *security" field in "struct task_struct".

Years ago, there was only one MAC implementation (i.e. SELinux)
in the mainline kernel.
But now, there are many MAC (or access control/tracking) implementations
waiting for inclusion into the mainline kernel.
The competition for occupying "struct security_ops" has started.

My idea is that, why not create chains of "struct security_ops"
(i.e. linked list of "struct security_ops")
and allow choosing which chain to use for per a "struct task_struct" basis
(i.e. add "struct security_ops" to "struct task_struct").

TOMOYO Linux is having difficulty that TOMOYO Linux unlikely be able to use
"struct security_ops" since SELinux is occupying it.
Yes, there is secondary_ops in SELinux, but it doesn't help TOMOYO Linux
since SELinux is not calling secondary ops for operations TOMOYO Linux wants to control.
So, there is only one "struct security_ops" as a matter of practice.

At the same time, the competition for occupying "void *security" has started.

My idea is that, why not allow multiple "void *security" fields in "struct task_struct"?

TOMOYO Linux is having difficulty that TOMOYO Linux unlikely be able to use
"struct task_struct"->security field since SELinux is occupying it.
If TOMOYO Linux is permitted to add "void *" and "u32" to "struct task_struct",
SELinux and other LSM implementations can use "struct task_struct"->security field.

May be we should consider stackable LSM again?


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