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SubjectRe: [Devel] [PATCH] pidns: Place under CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL (take 2)
Andrew Morton <> writes:

> Given that a lot of this development will hopefully happen over the next
> two months, ...

A lot. Various pieces are a major effort in their own right.
Improving the kthread API so it can be used universally and
allow removal all of the kernel_thread users.
Reducing to an absolute minimum usage of pid_t.

I know several of the things with signal handling had Oleg
scratching his head.

There is enough development there I question if the code will even be
canidates for merging into 2.6.24.

I can imagine an -mm tree that has everything ready to go in
the next two months.

>> It hurts me to even ponder what thinking makes it that
>> CONFIG_EXPERIMENTAL isn't enough to keep a stable distro
>> from shipping the code in their stable kernel, and locking us into
>> trouble.
>> With that said. I think I should just respin the patchset now and add
>> the "depends on BROKEN".
> it doesn't make sense to make it all dependent upon BROKEN now. Better
> would be to make it dependant upon CONFIG_SOMETHING_ELSE now, which depends
> upon EXPERIMENTAL and which will, around -rc6, be changed to depend upon

So we now have my patch which makes it depend on CONFIG_PID_NS.
Which is what started this thread.

> If that makes sense.


> It's all a bit unusual and complex, but this is an exceptional set of
> features - let's hang in there.

Sure. One small step at a time.

- Step One add a config option.


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