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    SubjectRe: [Rt2400-devel] [PATCH] rt2500usb - Don't claim 050d:705{0/a}

    Hi Ivo

    On Thu, 25 Oct 2007, Ivo van Doorn wrote:

    > I awknowledge the problem, but the solution cannot be found in the USB ID's
    > listed in the driver. The bug is the manufacturer who changed chipset while
    > keeping the USB ID the same.
    > There are 2 possible ways around this: hacking the module loader so
    > it continues searching for a different driver when the first driver indicates
    > that it cannot control the device.
    > Or the easiest way, just blacklist rt2500usb if you are sure you need the rt73 driver.

    Thanks for the heads up - I think you have a good idea - there should be
    an interface between the loader and module to specify conditions like this.

    I will see if I can generate interest in that idea and hack up something
    along the lines of your suggestion.

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