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SubjectRe: Linux machines dieing in swap storms
On 25/10/07 16:20, Richard Purdie wrote:
> This isn't a new problem. My mail server used to be running an ancient
> 2.6.12 kernel and I upgraded it to 2.6.22.X in an effort to solve this
> problem which no change. My desktop shows exactly the same kind of OOM
> swap storm behaviour (2.6.20 based).
> I realise that tuning the OOM killer is a really tricky problem but
> something needs improving as the current user experience is broken.
> I'm seriously tempted to add a "kill the process using the most memory"
> key combination into SysRq which might let me save the desktop but won't
> help with my remote server. I could also just disable swap I guess.

I have no swap. If I accidentally start The GIMP and load a very large
image, everything just freezes and I have to reboot - the OOM killer
doesn't appear to care.

Simon Arlott
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